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Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011


you're the reason why i'm happy :D , you driving me so crazyyy.

geeez, today i'm so bored cause i'm waiting him to online but he never come online :(. and yesterday when we chat together then my phone being slowly so i reboot my phone, and when i sing in msn again i see him suddenly off, maybe he think i'm offline for a long time i forgot to saybrb or bbl to him coz it's emergency situation:(( i'm very sorry :((( aaaaa if i can repeat time i will say brb first to him , i'm very sorry aaaaaa, helllpp me to make him online..
and now i'm so confusion waiting him to online and............. y u n o.

some sentences to him:

i just want to make you happy all day.
you mean everything to me.
i won't forget our beautiful moment.

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