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Selasa, 03 Mei 2011

such a great ha??

Dear Raven,

I waited 21 years to meet you. Not someone like you. But you. Sometimes I can’t breathe with all the words piled up on my tongue, I become speechless at the glance of you. At the sound of you. I think of the day I will see you in a white dress coming down an aisle to meet me for me to declare my unconditional Love, I think of the day I rush to the hospital with a dozen white roses in my hand, racing down the hospital hallways looking for your room, and puddles from tears dropping to the floor, at the sight of you in labor with our baby. I remember the moment I fell in love with you, we weren’t allowed to see each other for two dragged on weeks, I left a note in your mail box that said “I am in love with you.” I drove back to my house with a heart that would not stop racing and shaking hands steering the wheel in fright of what you will think. I remember going to the floating docks on Valentines day and playing ‘You are so beautiful’ by Joe Cocker on my phone while we danced by the ocean with the moons light above us. I felt the angels from the heavens as I held you. There is a sudden glow inside my chest that tends to shine when you smile, the knots in my knees become loose as you tell me you love me. The world suddenly seems small as I feel it only contains the two of us when we are together and the butterflies in my stomach bruise my ribs from fluttering around so much when I see you walk towards me. We have been together almost 4 months and though it does no justice to the elderly who have grown old with another for 40 sum years, I know one day we will fill those shoes. I will never give up on you, I will always be holding on for dear life if you ever start to drift away, and as you come back like the waves coming to the shore, you will land in my open arms that engrave into you when they are tangled around you. I love you in every way you need, in all the ways you don’t, in the ways that do not exist yet and further more.

Always, Andy

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