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Minggu, 13 Juni 2010

top songs and film

top song of justin bieber 

one time 
one less lonely girl
eenie meenie
never say never

top songs of afgan syah reza

terima kasih cinta
padamu ku bersujud
bukan cinta biasa

my fave's film
twilight saga
hm the movie
kick ass
alice in the wonderland

my fave's songs
never say never
 break your little heart 
karena kusuka dirimu
cry me out
officially missing you
hey there delilah
just dance
brick by boring brick
whataya want from me 
haven't met you yet
cemburu menguras hati
i know you want me


for someone I loved very much

if I remember your face I myself smiling and I like crazy whether i dont why could happen like that maybe crazy love haha i like that you're everything in my life you're is the number 1 in my life

curcol :D :P

gatau knp y pas gue liat dia gue langsung suka sama dia kyknya dia tuh beda gitu ama cwo lain hihi i love you to muchhh :D :P
i like this foto too much ♥

Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

 3 handsome boy ♥

my little vent

gue tuh gk suka sm satu org di kelas dia tuh sok ngatur2 sok eksis noylot pula hampir satu angkatan sebel sm dia isssssh gue gedek bgt gue paling sebel kalau dia tuh sotoy ugh berasa kyk apa aja lo wakakak